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For sale: a bay weanling filly $250, and a dun yearling filly, $500, out of our PFHA Paso Fino stallion, Vikingo, by two of our registered Colonial Spanish mares. Please click here for photos and videos.

Mike Bertin and Becca Justice went to Florida in April of 2010 and brought home two Paso Finos. Xotica del Dorado is a March 2006 mare out of Marcapasos. Resonancia Dos de TCR is a Jan. 2009 filly out of Resortin de Profeta. You can see them in the video at right.


Tigger, born May 26, 2007.Bratty Tigger finally gets the entire herd playing. Video here -->>

Our adorable gaited donkeys. July 30, 2007, our riding donkey, Dot, gave birth to a leggy, athletic and totally darling filly. Photos of them and the proud father here.

Thanks to the Walkin N Circles rescue ranch, we now have two -- wait, now with the arrival of the foal, it's three! -- pleasant and well bred Paso Finos.

Photos and links about Sandi
Spanish Mustang herd.

A Visit to Canyon de Chelly

Killer Buyer chapters:

Check out our photo and video gallery of Vikingo at play and as an arrogant stallion. Click here for photos of Vikingo's first colt, Rio, and the dam, Sarita de Don Francisco.

 The joy of Paso Fino mares. Click here for more about our mare Xotica del Dorado.

  Our breeding herd at play. The bay is Vikingo de Los Angeles, the herd sire. All of the colts in this video now are full grown, ridable and in their new and, Lord willing, forever homes.

This is how Becca Justice keeps our Paso Fino stallion, Vikingo, from bucking her off and also is able to make him stand still no matter how excited he is. It's Jan. 5, 2010, the temperature is way below freezing, the sun is about to set, and Vikingo is bursting with energy.

Please be careful about trying to imitate Becca. You have to put in plenty of time ground driving and riding to teach a horse to disengage his rear end safely like she does.

Rowdy Yates ridden by Vickie Ives

Click here to see more Spanish Mustangs at one of the annual meetings of the Horse of the Americas registry.

Rowdy Yates is pictured below to the right. This stallion is arguably the most famous Spanish Mustang in the modern era. See more about Rowdy Yates, and his owner, Vickie Ives (riding him here): http://www.karmafarms.com. Her Spanish mustangs were among the models used for John Fusco's 2002 animated movie Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmaron

Rowdy Yates even has his own Breyer model.


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