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Pasos & Finos at Prairie Rose Ranch

Vking, left; Flair, right.

Vikingo del Los Angeles, a Paso 
Fino stallion, left; Flair, a grade Icelandic 
gelding, right. Flair is at position five of the 
rack. Vikingo's canter is highly collected 
with a tight, fast beat.  

A stallion who is a good step father.

Pintura, left; Sunny, right.

Pintura de Don Francisco, a Paso Fino mare,
left; Flaming V's Sunflower (Sunny), a Horse of
the Americas Spanish mustang filly, right. Both
are cantering.
Video of Vikingo herding Sunny and Red, her
adopted Thoroughbred colt. 

Viking, Flair, Pintura and Sunny

Here they are all at a relaxed speed. Flair is 
rackingwhile the rest are doing three-beat or
 four-beat canters. 



Horses racing

Flair has burst into a  gallop and taken the lead. 
Sunny is in postition two of the canter, while Vikingo 
is, as usual for a Classic Fino at high speed, is doing 
an odd sort of four beat gait. 

Viking at high speed

Detail of Vikingo from the photo above. 
This is not a perfect canter ( a three beat
gait), but rather a four beat canter,  
common among gaited horses. His right 
forefoot (the lead) is just leaving the ground,
going into suspension.  In a perfect canter,
the left hind leg would be landing just now.
Video of his canter. 

Viking galloping

Detail of Vikingo, from photo above. He is 
going into suspension off his right hind foot,
whereas to the left we see him going into 
suspension off his right forefoot.  Although 
he is faster in this picture, I think he isn't 
galloping (a four-beat gait) because his head
is so high. 
Another video of his canter. 

Pintura and Vikingo

Pintura is at position two of the canter,
Vikingo at position five.

Sunny, Pintura and Flair

Sunny is a position one of the canter and Pintura
at position five. Flair is pacing, halfway between
postiions four and five.

Vikingo and Pintura

Pintura is at position one of the saddle rack. She's racking and swishing her tail to remind Vikingo
 that she is already pregnant, so he'd better not get any ideas.
Pintura and Vikingo, a happy horse couple.
Pintura and Vikingo, a happy horse couple. People who raise Spanish gaited
horses say that the stallions are often so kind that they are safe to leave
with mares and foals. 

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