A sampling of Carolyn Meinel Bertin's books and magazine articles:

Columnist for MessageQ magazine. Sample column: It's 2AM: Do you know where your modems are?

Überhacker!, a book on computer hacking, published by Loompanics, Oct. 2000.

Wrote How to Meet Your Future Most Valued Employee for the Oct. 1999 issue of Info Security magazine, the world's highest circulation computer security magazine.

Wrote "How Hackers Break in and How they Are Caught," Scientific American, Oct. 1998, pp. 98 -- 105;

The Happy Hacker: A Guide to Mostly Harmless Computer Hacking, currently in third edition, 400 pages, American Eagle Publications, 1998 -- 99.

"Will Pac Man Consume Our Nation's Youth?" (humor), MIT Technology Review , May/June 1983, pp. 10,11, 28.


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